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Boiko Lambovski
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BOIKO LAMBOVSKI was born at 1960 in Sofia.
He is a poet and essay - autor.
His poetry has been translated in many languages - English, German, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Italian, Arabian, etc.
Owner of over 20 awards for poetry, including Vladimir Bashev (1987), Geo Milev (1997), Zlaten Lanetz (1997, 1999, 2000), etc.
He participated in many international writer competitions - in Serbia, France, Norway, Russia, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Macedonia, etc.
Creator of "Friday the 13-th" - a group for new forms in the art.
He himself is translator into Russian and French, mainly poets.
Nowadays he works in "Sega - daily", Sofia.
Poetry books
Messenger - 1986
Scarlett decadance - 1991
Edwarda - 1992
Critic of poetry - 1996
God is commander of the guard - 1999
Heavy machine-gun before the dream - 2004
Pick up words /selected poems/ - 2004